Experience the miracle of NovitaSpa!
Cleanse, Revitalize, Retexturize, Restore and Moisturize your skin with Novita Spa’s Facial Essentials.

The Miracle Experience System is a Simple, Safe and Synergistic System - featuring Novita Spa Clinicals Facial Essentials creating true results for ALL skin types. Novita Spa Clinicals utilize only clinical-grade ingredients, pure essential oils, european cold-pressed botanicals, marine extracts, anti-oxidants, and our proprietary ABC Complex (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin C ) in an advanced liposome delivery system.


  • 96%  Of Users Somewhat to Strongly Agreed That They Experienced Greater Smoothness of Their Skin

  • 96% Of Users Somewhat to Strongly Agreed That Their Skins Tone and Texture Was Greatly Improved

  • 94% Of Users Somewhat to Strongly Agreed That Their Skins Hydration Balance Was Restored

The Miracle Experience Bag Includes:

The Facial Essentials System introduces you to true results:

  • Retexturizers and improves overall skin tone

  • Visible improvement of skin firmness

  • Alleviates inflammation, broken capalaries, and redness

  • Reduces hyperpigmentation due to sun damage

  • Improves dull dry skin 

  • Aids in healing acne and reducing scarring

How to use the Miracle Experience System:

  • STEP 1 AM - RISE & SHINE™ -  Gentle, Micro Sloughing Cleanser with Jojoba Beads  Rise & Shine™ is a great way to start your day. This gentle and luxurious facial cleanser for all skin types cleanses and prepares your skin for the Novita Spa Clinical products. This super charged exfoliating cleanser, with enzymes and our Polyhydroxy ABC Complex, dissolves dead skin cells and removes dulling debris. Rise and Shine restores radiance and super hydration to the skin.

  • STEP 2 AM - ADVANCED REVITALIZING SERUM™ -  Renew, Retexturize, Restore Finally a three in one complex that renews, retexturizes and restores your skin. You'll not only get the three R's but also the ABC's of skin care with Novita Spa Clinical's revolutionary polyhydroxy ABC Complex. This unique serum for all skin types is maximized by Novita Spa Clinical's advanced delivery system which is infused with anti-oxidant vitamins and super hydrating with Hyaluronic Acid. The tone and texture of the skin is immediately improved while reducing enlarged pores. This fast acting serum visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness of the skin.

  • STEP 3 AM - DAY SURVIVAL™ -  Advanced Moisture Complex with SPF 15 This is the ultimate oil-free, feather light moisturizer that will enable your skin to survive daily environmental attacks. Day Survival SPF 15 contains natures own physical UVA-UVB screen and block Titanium Dioxide as well as a super charged peptide complex, hydrating botanicals, vitamin anti-oxidants and Novita Spa Clinicals Polyhydroxy ABC Complex. This powerful, dramatically nourishing moisturizer helps regenerate collagen and elastin creating firmness and improved tone, texture and clarity for your skin.

  • STEP 1 PM - MELT AWAY™ -  Gentle Foaming Cleanser Melt Away™ is a gentle foaming, scientifically advanced cleanser that will melt away eye and facial makeup without drying or irritating the skin. This double duty, non soap, ph balanced, fragrance free cleanser was designed for all skin types. Melt Away with our Polyhydroxy ABC Complex™ will detoxify the pores, gently lift oils and remove dulling skin cells leaving the skin ultra clean, refined and revitalized.

  • STEP 2 PM - ADVANCED REVITALIZING GEL™ -  Renews, Retexturizes, and Restores  This unique gel formulation will renew, retexturize and restore your skin with Novita Spa Clinicals revolutionary Polyhydroxy ABC Complex and advanced vitamin anti-oxidant system. Designed for all skin types. Advanced Revitalizing Gel with deep resurfacing action helps to increase cell turnover which will unclog pores and improve the appearance of the skin's tone, texture and clarity. This powerful gel helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while fine lines and wrinkles are visibly diminished.

  • STEP 3 PM - NIGHT RECOVERY™ -  Advanced Vitamin-Mineral Infusion  After a busy day, all skin types can be replenished, revitalized and restored with a highly advanced blend of powerful peptides, vitamin-antioxidants and Novita Spa Clinicals Polyhydroxy ABC Complex. This infusion smooths fine lines and wrinkles, creates firmness for your skin while immediately improving the tone, texture and providing intense hydration. Breathe in Lavender Oil and relax. In the morning Rise and Shine™ with the Novita Spa Clinicals Facial Miracle Experience System.

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