Give the Gift of Spa to the Special Woman in your life!

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th 2022!

Working Moms on average work 13 hours a day when you include: Job, Children, Husband, dinner, dishes, laundry, bills, grocery shopping... and the hundreds of other daily tasks that require their attention.

So when a Big Name company polled 1000's of Mom's about what their favorite types of Gifts to receive are - it comes at no surprise the answers were overwhelmingly:

  1. Something sentimental (child drawings, pics, etc)

  2. Something for Self-Care (massage, facials, mani/pedi)

Here are the results:

A Gift Card

Around 1/3 of the mom's want a gift card. Answers on what type of gift card varied. The most popular were gift cards that can be used anywhere or gift cards than can be redeemed for a specific service.

A Spa Day

1/6 of Moms expect to go straight to the Spa for Mother's Day.

1/3 feel that Mother's Day is a day to go out and be pampered.

A Day Off

Many moms just want a break. The mothers in the survey who wanted a break indicated that help with the kids, someone else cleaning the house, or having someone else cook for the family on Mother's Day would be greatly appreciated.

So what will you give the Special Mom in your life?

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