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In honor of Father's Day HEBC is offering 20% OFF our Top 4 most requested services!


Do Men get facials?

YES! Men get facials too. In fact, men often times have more demanding and sensitive skin than women. Work place pollution, sun damage, and even fluorescent office lights can cause damage to your skin leaving it looking dull and aged. Getting a monthly Facial is a great way to combat signs of premature aging, clear out clogged pores, and leave skin looking younger.

Bacials are a Facial for your Back! It's the hardest part of your body to properly wash in the shower. This often causes the skin on your back to feel rough, dry, and bumpy. Receiving a bacial deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it feeling and looking smoother. Black heads and pimples are extracted followed by a treatment mask suited for your skin type.

The treatment is completed with a relaxing massage and moisturizer.

Massages and Reflexology are another great way to help Dad feel appreciated and loved this Father's Day.

Relieves stress, eases tension, and helps alleviate pain associated with everyday strains or even old injuries.



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